I wasn’t going to buy What Makes Your Brain Happy and Why You Should Do The Opposite, because the title says it all.  It illustrates one of my key arguments about decision-making.  It is emotional, based in the reward system, and all of our glorious pondering serves only to sharpen our after-the-fact explanations of choices.

This system, at the base of addictions and bad habits, works against us when our rewarding activities have long-term consequences that cannot be appreciated in the moment.  It is the system I must work against to improve my physical health.  I have seen people change lifelong habits in a relatively short time, but the method is a mystery to me.  That change can happen tells me that decision-making can be improved also — we are not complete slaves to our basal ganglia.

So I downloaded this book, along with one called ‘Habits’ (more after I finish it), and can recommend it highly.  I think I can finally lose that last ten pounds!